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2018 Holiday Season - Customer Service Support

This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
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Wonderhill has moved to GameRocks

Wonderhill/Kabam players returning to the game, or who did not complete the GameRocks migration process during the month of December, please follow the easy instructions in this thread to be reconnected with your character:
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Save cluster s284 from cheaters pls we want to can play normal like all others

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  • Save cluster s284 from cheaters pls we want to can play normal like all others

    Yesterday r2 clear all points in rave and all cross server events on cluster s284. They told to us is server issue because the server keep crashing every week with different bugs. We all know the reason is because some hack the server every time when have rave. The little guild Last World with few active members keep taking top places in rave every time without spending or something else. So r2 clear all guilds and server points in rave and all cross server events like Ares, Athena, Venus, Imperial War. What a surprise this morning. All big guilds are somewhere in ranking except Last World. They got the same points again. Just other guilds are cut from ranking.
    Server keep crashing every rave.
    Please r2 make something to stop this. All players on cluster s284 are angry and upset from all what happening on this server and they want solution on this. Lots of people want to stop play already because of happening. Please r2 SAVE US FROM THEM. WE WANT TO PLAY NORMAL LIKE ALL OTHER SERVERS.
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    that guild im sure wasn't even in rankings yesterday when I looked something fishy going on their

    r2 must investigate

    if cheating is involved it stopped us at kabam s16 getting rank 1 in server rewards from rave
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