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  • Can't stay logged in

    I play multiple toons and have been for years. Usually, one of my toons gets logged off if I'm afk too long on one of their tabs (very frustrating, but I KNOW that will happen and try to stay vigilant). Since last night, I can't keep them all online without logging them all on several times. I log one in, two in, three in and the first one is logged off. Even when I DO manage to get them all on, I get one or several logged off when I'm actively playing them all. I don't know who did what, but if you really want me to stop playing I CAN just walk away from this game.

    Is anyone else that plays multiples having this issue?
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    The performance issue prevents me from playing multiples at the very moment. However, I experience a crash on my mobile that wouldn't let me reload the page without waiting 15 minutes in doing so.
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      Because the games ****** the only thing that works properly is the recharge lol


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        Any resolution to this logging out issue? This has recently happened to me.


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          Have you tried using different browsers for each character?
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            No, I've been playing 4 characters using Google Chrome and have been for 2 years. Prior to that I used IE, but it isn't as user friendly for multiples. It was suggested that I try SlimJet (a stripped version of Chrome), but it has the same issues... actually a couple more because the game completely freezes randomly and a LOT more frequently on a tab (Chrome does it, too, but not so much that it's unbearable) and I have to pull down on that character's tab to get it moving again... makes running things like speed very slow.

            Trying to use different browsers for each toon makes it nearly impossible to play as each separate browser's demands are too laborious for my computer. Also, I thought I'd be 'smart' by logging one in that got kicked off during WB on a different browser because I didn't want it to kick off another... and it still did.

            Someone somewhere has done a bang-up job and hosed the login process. In the days since I first asked about this I have discovered that the fourth character logs out the first, logging that one back in logs out the second and so on. I have to go thru and log each character in twice every time I 'refresh', VERY time-consuming. If I'm only playing three, I can get them logged on and start playing immediately. However, they have to go thru their own kicking process and it can be anywhere from 3-30 minutes between each character's kick. This makes it very difficult to 'refresh' for speed or dungeons like MS or DI and be 'ready' for the rest of your party KNOWING you're going to be kicked at some point.

            The only 'good' to come from this issue, I'm not getting logged out automatically if I'm afk 10 minutes or more on a tab. I can actually walk away when I'm blitzing now... YAY!!!
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