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disassembly of the mounts

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  • disassembly of the mounts

    I here is one interesting, sent to technical support letter with screenshots,and a description of the problem that the mounts that were in the event, in the recent past, which dropped out a few pieces of each type, the first mount (ESI it was not activated until this moment) was activated ,but all subsequent of the same type no!!! and they can not be disassembled into shards to buy mounts in the store. I was told at first that will give the problem to the developers and I will answer, but I was told that everything is in order and maybe you have already found a solution to the problem,but nothing has changed since then,as the mount was not disassembled and left. pradovat for gold is funny,but that these mounts take place here it is. so who should write that at least someone started to do something? or so all makes no difference to the obvious bugs in the game that only make deposits and all?!?!?
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    This isn't a bug. Those mounts can't be recycled and it says so on the cards. You can either keep them until the devs decide to make them recyclable or you can sell them for gold. It is recommended that you keep them, but it is not guaranteed that the devs will make them recyclable in the future.
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      Usually takes 3-4 months if it happens