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Road to Glory

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  • Road to Glory

    There appears to be a bug in the Road to Glory. We are now fighting Players that have Willpower AND Eudaemon equipped whilst only have a Willpower ourselves.

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    Also seems to be harder to beat as well. Died on lvl 13 normal today, didn't stand a chance. Normally can beat 15nm.


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      same on server 233east gamerocks
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        Me and my gamemates too in our servers, and still don´t know if it could be added in a future as a way to add the full troops or not. I take the chance to add the suggestion to include the option in "road to glory" a hell mode and the option to make larger troops with more eudaemos/willpowers in a similar fashion than done in euademon domain, i mean in a future, ir order to prevent sudden lag (or better said more than it´s currently sc.rewing our gameplays)
        Few data about me, just to no rewriting on every post manually.

        Player Name = ArcMorpheus
        Server= S31 US East
        Class = Knight
        Guilds Enlisted (in chronological order) = TankWars, Unknown, Mostwanted, & Fenix (nowadays).
        Server = US East Server 31
        Plataform = Kabam / Wonderhill / Gamerocks
        Login from = Google Mail (previously) / Gamerocks (nowadays)


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          yes indeed so it seems to be, opposites got they sup eudas there but not we. I dont t hink this is right, never seen sub eudas there before.
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            do lvl 1 on easy every day and for the rest forget about it, it is not worth the effort and or time to try to battle your self up to find out that with a reset/ maintenance or any other error from there side they just put you back at start
            Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill now gamerocks
            Server : S122 US-East
            Guild : Fenix
            Class : Mage
            IGN : Theonlyghost