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Shockwave crashing!!!!!!!!!!!

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    its not our fault if the game doesnt work if flash is updated...


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      came across this on the adobe website - check the date of the published doc

      read the full info on the page - if you have the versions listed it may have affect on the game on whatever you use - check your versions of flash

      Also in the last 90 minutes or so since reset to 01:30 - Internet Explorer (IE) has crashed 5 times due to flash - I was also playing another toon I have on Nitro, there was no issues on this, just on IE.

      It just seems to coincidental, that other players are now getting the same issue.

      Something has been updated or amended at the server end of things - and BTW i do have the latest flash installed.
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        Something else, all the issues started after the heavenly crianza event reset. Whatever caused that event to reset is causing issues in other areas of the game.


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          playing game goes to white screen bottom says R2 not responding that's from your side not mine


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            The last Flash update according to their website was on Dec 5th... the issues people are having are just the last 2 days... so that is NOT the issue. This is the game's issue, not player's computers.


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              Overall, I hear more issues on Chromium based browsers than other engines, but I hear about it happening on other engines. Some of the non-Chrome based don't crash, just flash lag very very badly.

              I personally think it's no one thing, but a combination of factors, from computer and its innards, to length of time you are up on that browser, to what you are doing, etc. I think it would be hard to isolate.

              Dev question, would be is there a new flash leak that could be contributing (not causing by itself?)

              Maybe we'll get a flash update soon and we'll not worry anymore.

              I crash often on Chrome, occasionally on Opera (Chrome based) rarely on Firefox, but lag like drunken rat, missing it's tail.

              Anywho, Happy New Year to whoever sees


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                The issue is due to major issues on the server-side which has caused memory utilization on the client-side to run wild. I also normally have to restart the game 10x a day since the last maint. I opened a ticket and reported the issue. The game normally crashes on me now a couple of times a day. I've watched the memory utilization go over 2Gb for this game which is ridiculous. I've tried Chrome as well as the client and it's the same issue. I played the game on multiple computers and the same issues and both of my computers have very fast with plenty of ram and a really nice processor. Hopefully with tomorrow's maint they will fix the problem else I may be saying goodbye to this game. Also, the fact that the Christmas and New Years events were trash doesn't help either but that's a different issue.


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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	R2Peggy.jpg Views:	2 Size:	13.8 KB ID:	1975591 R2Peggy says clear your cache and cookies..


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                    Originally posted by beehappyfour View Post
                    i use firefox browser, no crashing whatsoever. Try other browser.
                    Sorry, I'm on Firefox as well, and it still fails.


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                      I have also a lots of crashes and terrible lag.
                      I7 920 @2.67 GhZ
                      24 MB Memory
                      AMD Radeon HD 5800
                      Windows 7

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                        win 10 64bit
                        I7-4720 HQ@2.6GhZ
                        24GB RAM
                        Nvidia GTX 980m
                        Click image for larger version

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                        have all problems as rest above ohhhh i am gamerocks(kabam) finally after 2 hrs btw i got back in pffffff
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                          im not lagging only wen i enter spire nm everywhere else no lag

                          but im getting fed up with the constant dc from game cuz flash and wartune arnt compatable or is it from the cheap a s s domain server r2 moved us all too

                          and when r2 staff says its my comp i will tell u my comp os ok i play online games on pc no lag no dc

                          its just this game wartune on any browser

                          so buck ur ideas up fix the problems that stops ppl playing


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                            I have been crashing multiple times a day since the patch. I usually use Maxthon, but have tried on Chrome, IE & Firefox, all with the same result. I have absolutely no doubt I will be told it is my computer's fault, or my browser's fault, or some such nonsense, so there is absolutely no point in putting in a ticket or lodging a complaint on the forum. After all, "everyone" would need to say something for a problem to be actually sorted out - and that's never going to happen.

                            Let's face it, Wartune is extinct.
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                              The concerns have been forwarded to the devs.
                              Rules of the Forum are found here.

                              R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                              Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                              For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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                                MemoryLane, to add to this, I've already indulged the support team by clearing my cache, etc on my computer and the issue is still there. As I mentioned before, if players looks at the memory utilization for the game, they will see that is running ridiculously high, 1GB up to 2Gb, which is typically when the game will crash. The is especially bad after doing daily event stuff like mpd, campaign, atoll, etc. It's too the point now that I have to restart the game automatically after I do any daily event or at least every 30 minutes if I do event stuff.