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    why the VIP month went up from $7.99 to $8.67 why

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    R2 is only receiving the 7.99, Xsolla has a processing fee and putting a sales tax on you now.
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      And that's why I buy Rixty Game Cards.
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        Originally posted by anything4 View Post
        why the VIP month went up from $7.99 to $8.67 why
        I spend the extra $1.00 and buy in in hot shop gives you a few other things with it and the option to purchase 3 months at a time.

        I don't see why they can't do vip and spirit covenant in one package now seems it has been out for so long at $20 for both together. Oh wait then they would loose money haha.
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          spirit covenant have to many thing's in it you don't use anymore they should split all or make spirit way cheaper