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Anniversary lv 16 bug reward

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  • Anniversary lv 16 bug reward

    hi, i just got lv 16 at anniversary event and i didnt get my chest. Is not in my inventory or mail. Can you check it and may give me the rewards pls?
    I leave the photo for you to check
    im in the server 806 irut terrain

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    You need to use the chest in "Treasure" tab of anniverasy event


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      I posted on this exact same thing yesterday. In fact, it's only 4 posts down. It was asked and the same answer was provided, so you may want to take a few seconds to look first.
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        Don't feel bad, I had to ask where the treasure chest I got ran off to, as well. I expect to see the question posted numerous times. Thankfully, you've all been awesome with making sure people know where to go.
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