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Regarding download the game

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  • Regarding download the game

    I have a problem that once I close the game and re-open it will be to download activities again and this consumes a lot of Internet I think automatic save property does not work or something of this, so I hope to solve this problem so I do not have to download everything every time open the game

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    I have the same problem, think it has to do with they do not cache it


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      The Same bug We Need Help in this bug please


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        The Same bug We Need Help in this bug please


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          This isn't a bug, unfortunately.
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            before the last update the game was running well after that was downloading any thing again


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              Will there be a solution to this problem or will the situation remain the same


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                in old days it would be cache and you only ned it to be load after each mt, has no idear why not work like whis more, ther whas also no lagg back then.