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r2 elves ignoring my ticket on equinox's request

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  • r2 elves ignoring my ticket on equinox's request

    Okay, first of all i am alper and yes i should not using forum normally however since MemoryLane told me that i am allowed to solve my problems only via ticket like several months ago now even ticket doesnt respond me because of GM_Equinox Now what i should to do MemoryLane? Please tell me, if you ban me now it wont be fair but if you respond me and solve tickets problem then ban me that would be very fair action from you. I just want to solve my problem via ticket as u told me before and now i cant do it on equinox's request

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    Mods, GMs, Mentors can't make R2 do anything. Your tickets aren't being responded to because you have already been given a final answer. The devs have had the final say on the topic. The answer is no. This answer will never change. You can stop asking now.

    As for what you should do now - you should absolutely look up the definition of 'permanent', and then go ask someone you trust who speaks your language to translate the definition for you, so that maybe, hopefully, you will finally understand what we have been saying to you for far too long, and you can move on to somewhere else.

    I have responded, and now will ban you as you have broken several rules again - You are not allowed to post on the forum with an alt while banned, and every account you make is permanently banned. You are not allowed to repost deleted content, and everything related to your ban is deleted content. You are not allowed to harass members of the forum community, and you have been told directly by me to not reach out to Equinox on this forum, and that includes tagging in a post.
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      MemoryLane for the 1st time you are wrong on that matter. According to my friend which have developers friend said they will unban me soon here is proof Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_14.png
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ID:	1995406Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_16.png
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Name:	Screenshot_15.png
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ID:	1995408
      Now MemoryLane i didnt even asked them this in my ticket except last one to confirm it. So please tell them to NOT ignore my ticket anymore


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        I always thought banned means banned if u get unbanned then they should unban all characters also or is it one rule for one and another rule for others just because ur a ex mentor or r2 staff lol


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          Originally posted by evilharry666 View Post
          I always thought banned means banned if u get unbanned then they should unban all characters also or is it one rule for one and another rule for others just because ur a ex mentor or r2 staff lol
          First of all, I am doubtful they are getting unbanned in the first place. They provided screenshots of some random guy saying something on internet. For all we know this is an elaborate ploy trying to get support to reply to him after he has been denied that due massive spam I imagine.

          Secondly, not all bans need to be permanent. I dont know what he did to get banned in the first place but temporary bans are common place in gaming world. Arguing like every and all breaches of conduct should result into same punishment, not accounting to severity, is plain silly.


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            Well to be frank i had very bad past but i didnt cause any trouble in gaming world since 6 months. Now time to reedem myself in most of wartune community.
            On the other hand, RavenHeart is my best friend at that server and he has developer friends which means he having access to test server. Now he told me that they cant make me mentor again but unban my account on server 443 aka 1's cluster soon. Thats what make me happy to getting a chance to reedem myself in that server too


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              a life time ban dosent normaly get unbanned


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                But normally since i reedem myself already and didnt caused trouble since 5 month in any of wartuen community plus having developers friends can make it abnormally thor