GameRocks Transfer - Unable to locate toon

UPDATE!! All players with issues locating or logging into their characters since the transfer are required to send in a ticket. Please CLICK HERE for instructions!
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  • ticket

    as a former gamerocks how do we file a ticket in the r2 system since we can not without a server name!
    there download client gives continue every 10 min about white screen ...since running game through browser is to laggy on r2 i switched to there client ...however if this white screen stuff is normal then ya can skipp the client and just let you lag out whole the time ...even so i am glad they saved our toons by migrating it fast to there gaming platform it still is annoying when you can not file a ticket! about errors in game !!!!
    Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
    Server : S122 US-East
    Guild : Fenix
    Class : Mage
    IGN : Theonlyghost

  • #2
    what they have to do is add wartune gamerocks to that list of games like they did with wartune reborn version now theirs wartune r2 version wartune reborn version thay should add wartune gamerocks version then tickets would be easier