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Cloud city collections for spoons

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  • Cloud city collections for spoons

    We have no collections in cloud city today so we can't collect spoons. Is this a bug where they forgot to put the collections in cloud city or we will not be getting them anymore.
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    yep none on gamerocks either totally blank lol


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      Cloud city gift piles spoon should give 7 more days (until next week Thursday).

      As per checking today, no gift piles on my R2 server. I think R2 and Gamerocks are affected with it. Maybe developers forgot to add gift piles or they cancel it.

      For me it's a bug.


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        I want my free gifts!!
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          same here. yup screwed again
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            all the mods and mentors on holiday or what no posts from any of them lmao about this mess up hahaha


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              same on my server. no gifts


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                same on my server no gift piles even though we still have 6 days
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                  same with the other side of the US hosted forums

                  ** sad face **


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                    Seems to still be an issue at least on S846 - can this please be fixed?