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Is it fare ? Or is it overrated? Or is it even bugged? Atleast its everything else but not att all funny..

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  • Is it fare ? Or is it overrated? Or is it even bugged? Atleast its everything else but not att all funny..

    I been playing this game for 8 years now. Seen the most, seen different skills, runes. puffs and so on.. we are always claming better puffs or complaining others puffs, I know that. And I been trying to keep quiet about this, but its really gotten to my nervs now, in that level that I canĀ“t be quiet anymore. What do u guys think? Is the capacity to stun your opposite gone too far? Our arena fights takes from 5-15 minuts/fight bc of these stuns and the lag that these stuns and all the other puffs bring whit in. And BG has gone from borring to "really not use to do att all" moment. You all know that I hate stun, but thats not the real issue here. My hate goes over. But the amount of stuns in this game right now is killing whole PVP part of it, wich is the part of the game I like most. This means that if these stuns continue this way, Im out of here. Not gona waste time or nervs for something so stupid than standing useless on arena or BG and look like an idiot whit stars dancing above my head all the time. Sense it is like this now, you can get stunned 5-6 times during one fight. thats just borring. And, one more thing, should really look over Meteoric Assaults skill from nemesis skills, this skill can even stun WB. Now for what I know, we not aloud to stun bosses in dungeons or WB whit our skills. Is this something i have missed or is it a bug?
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    I don't care for the stun either. Especially when I have stun resistance and still get stunned constantly, granted I don't have that part maxed, think it's around 37% or something like that. When the stun resistance first came out, it worked great but seems like they done something to nerf it, doesn't seem to work anymore. Not sure how true it is but seen some say there maybe some time of hack which makes stun work better. Again, no clue if there is such a thing but would make sense in some cases. They keep adding stun for 1 of 2 reasons. Either they think by the bigger players getting stunned and losing alot will cause them to spend more, which for some that may work but guessing in most cases it doesn't. Or they are doing it to try and kill the game, may sound crazy but that is what I think.

    Another thing that gets me with this is people that will say stun is the worst thing they done to the game, which I agree but those same people are using every stun possible. I do have Illiya goddess but only for attack and have gun of spirigoth but only because it has increase attack, it's like they know many people go for attack so they put stun on those things. Don't have unholy saber and only use nemesis stun if I get stunned first.