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  • Eudamon Patrol/ Explore Rewards

    So here is my question, will this new update fix the issues that most of us are having when we do Patrol? me and some of my friends that play have been having the issue that we wil get done with Eudamon Patrol and doing the explore but we never recieve any of our rewards?

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    u get rewards for patroling if u do bounties when one is on tower it gives u reward for when u do the eud bonties of the tower not for finishing the patrol


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      Patrol rewards are separate from Exploration and Bounty rewards. Exploration boosts your Bounty rewards, but Exploring does not directly give you rewards.

      Patch Guide 7.8 states: "Players can deploy Eudaemon or Willpower to explore under the Watchtower panel and receive exploration bonus rewards once the corresponding bounty spot monsters are defeated. The higher the level of the Eudaemon/Willpower deployed, the better the rewards. Each exploration takes 6 hours and quitting is not allowed during this time."

      You'll get one of the rewards listed on your Explore panel when you do the Bounty, for as long as you keep that Eud or WP in that tower. You do not need to remove the Eud/WP from the tower once the Exploration is complete, don't need that Eud/WP for Patrols, and aren't planning to move it to another tower for similar rewards before doing the bounty on that tower.

      Armed with this information, are you still experiencing issues with receiving your rewards? If so, please provide a screenshot showing the panel with the rewards you normally aren't receiving, along with your character name and server so the devs can look into the issue and fix the problem if one exists.
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