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server 875 always crashing...

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  • server 875 always crashing...

    can someone explain to me what is happening to this server??? always lagging and crashing... what the hell is going on?? 2 times today with 1 hour in between...

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    did you refreched / clear cashe and cookies ?


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      Originally posted by Mentor_Erasor View Post
      did you refreched / clear cashe and cookies ?
      tbh , clearing cashe and coockies doesn't really help because i have a strong PC and once a month i clear my History (passwords/cookies/pictures/etc')
      and still it didn't fix the problem.
      it has the same problem in server 877 and maybe in any other servers too.
      every 2-5 minutes i have to refresh the site so it'll run the game much faster.
      i tried to download the Client too but it was even worse than the site (so i decided to uninstall it).
      the game has the same problem for alot of years now and i didn't see any improvement.
      but i like the game.