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    Originally posted by taiweezy View Post
    any news on wagers how do i get on to kong server and kabam i can't see who to wage on for archers and dose anyone know if zebq will be throwing the class war?
    I am trying to get all the info from the top 10 of each class. (should be out tomorrow)

    Blog is back up (sorry about the down time)

    Had to go through a lot of html to fix a faulty widget.
    IGN: Jacko
    Server: Kabam S24
    Guild: Genesis
    Main Objective at the moment: Win Class Wars...


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      Hello Jacko, ive seen the battle between you and sinner. Your guardian rune expired and he hit you with delph crit. If you had rune, you wouldve survive it. Maybe you can cast your delph on 2nd turn instead and still fit in the 50% timer. Rune>infernal>delph? I also notice that the guardian rune helped you on reducing the consuming flames and infernal skill damage from the enemy, but it caused you to be delayed on the use of your delph. Remember that you were first to transform/awaken, but he caught up to you by not casting a rune.

      Just my thoughts.