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How to unlock hero dungeon?

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  • How to unlock hero dungeon?

    I have problem with solo dungeon named "Temple of Fire" - lvl 62-64 i think.
    There's 3 bunches of enemies and boss. Nothing else. No tombs or shrines or whatever.
    So when i finnish it i always get A assesment in general ,because i inflicted too low damage. Required amount for S is 518k i made 318k . There i got C or D , in damage taken i get S and in number of beeing killed i also get S,which in general gives me A assesment.
    Two solo dungeons which are coming after that temple i've cleared in S assesment and unlocked hero option. Only about this one i don't know what to do. I got some advices,like clearing it without troops,or with boosted stats,or to stuck final blow to boss with high damaging spell but nothing helped.
    How am i supposed to make that extra 200k of inflicted damage?
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    For the mobs, Brute rune then your best aoe attack to kill em all dead. Then like you said, sylph awaken, auto + brute rune, then delphic.
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      Overkill (lower hp, then finish off last bit with delphic) or just wait until you're stronger.