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Orange astral not like me ! or its a really bad luck, any hints?

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  • Orange astral not like me ! or its a really bad luck, any hints?


    I just have a serious issue with Orange astrals , i cant get them ! I spend tens of millions with no luck !

    I'm playing S19 from release date with in 2 days, since now i'm lvl 50 , what u got is 4 Oranges by luck in total, 2 Mdefs, 1 Dodge and 1 Block ! and I'm mage

    I bought 1 and about buy another one, i was using greens for upgrade but now sellign them for star points, my issue is that normal when i spent abotu 10 million gold coins with no luck to get 1 ornge at least !

    I got a madness cuz that, and if I quit this game that would be cuz this issue.
    i dont know what is issue, support has no solution !
    When i see ppl get 2 oranges in row and 7 in 1 day while i got 4 in total from lvl 1 ! thats seriously mad me.

    Any hints or solutions?

    Edit: I'm trying get it about each day, waste 1 month of trying, and got only 1 in that month.
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    IGN: TheVictor
    Guild: Warriors
    Server: S19 - Desert Curses
    Class: Mage - level 80
    In(Guild)Names: TheNoob,VicNoob,TheKicktor,EvilVic,Vicky and so on :p :cool:
    Quitting game in 29th June 2014

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    evreybody is in the same situation, you are better than me


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      people who get 2 in a row are probably improving there chances with the luck system .....

      Astral luck

      click first and second planet as normal

      when on 3rd planet and lit up click first astral till red arrow lights up

      then click 3rd astral

      if you are successful to get to 4th astral click second astral and try and light up 2nd arrow. if second arrow doesn't light second planet will fall to first but 4th planet remains alight

      keep pressing first and second planet until all the red arrows are lit up until the 4th astral then you are safe enough to click 4th astral

      repeat process with 5th planet and light up all the arrows

      The benefit of this is that if you click the 5th planet usually you will drop back to first planet and have to build up again but with ^^ system you only drop back down to 4th astral and can click straight back up to 5th to try your luck again.....

      this gives you more chance at blues, purples and oranges and soon to be reds.

      Good luck with astral hunting and I hope this helps


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        victorious, i still wait for my orange mdef and pdef. right now im lvl69 but with 23k astral value. guess its just bad luck. so now i dont care anymore and wait for red astrals ... TT