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  • Advanced Henna

    Just an idea, maybe as another Henna Lab there is one where you can get advanced henna, even if its like 1-3 days, 1 day for 10, 3 days for 30, it still helps non cash players and helps those who cant be on when it ends and people dont suffer missing out on so many hours due to work/school/other....

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    That feature would imply that r2 actually puts players first.(Never happening, not at least til they have milked their cows dry)


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      Advanced Henna is a ripoff in general, I have higher attribute tats with basic henna than some tops with advance, it works like gear refinement and as far as immediate cap I do not see one currently, have seen tats with +165 so minimum up to there and potentially even higher. You need advance henna in large quantities to try and actually boost stats to greater amounts, so eh. If you're wise focus on the free stuff, it pays off.


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        Advanced Henna just doubles your gains and losses per cleanse. It does not increase your cap or at least none of us have hit cap yet. At the moment it does nothing that normal Henna can do other than do it faster.