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    how can I increase the level of my account?

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    You just need to be logged in and online with this account. The maximum amount of time you will earn "exp" per day is 8 hours with just the home page, or 4 hours with the home page and a game.
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      If you have an "always on" connection (DSL, Cable, Satellite), you can be logged into the home page (left on) and catch a couple of z's.
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        Remember, as r2 suck at making stuff work, only playing through r2client or web browser will make online time work, not the regular wartune client, cause as I said, r2 knows jack about programming(just like myself)


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          You don't have to play through the r2client for it to level up. Just have to have the r2client page open at the home page. That is what I do, r2client is too laggy to play the game on, always use mini client.