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Tattoo Engraving is stupid

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    I just hope the stones will cheap out very soon. Now my main is knight, so knighthood is not much of a rush to me. I didn't even use any advanced henna yet.


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      Originally posted by jamidc1992 View Post
      A certain site had a video of smelting going into the 80s and costing 5000 smelt stones per level at around 35 onwards. The only reasonable lvl to reach is smelt lvl 10. After that, it slows down real fast.

      Tattoo engrave counts towards Knighthood requirements, so that is great for new players. I have had decent luck with it. The first 3 stars are easy and once you have 3 stars on a wheel, you literally cannot go back down to 2 stars. That is a minimum of a 60% total boost with 3 stars on 4 wheels. Not bad at all.
      Granted, the engraving will give an assist to reaching the KH threshhold, but consider the amount of stat boosts you get. One (optimal) level of engraving gives me around 700 str right now, so around 4k BR. One level of smelt gives me >150K BR. That's inflated by the eudaemon stats, but still, major difference. At some point, engraving will become more valueable that smelting, but it's at a much higher level than 10.
      And of course, improving tattoos will tilt the balance that direction as well, but most players are a pretty long way from maxing tattoos at this point.


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        Finally got a lv3 INT on my first wheel. Just took 25 stones to do it. Why is it when you're successful you rarely go up in star value? Weird mechanics if you ask me. I'm just focusing on smelting stones from now on.... At least until it's outrageously high.