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  • Wartune miniclip player

    Hello people i may have an issue well i have heard that all miniclip characters has been transfered to r2games server, so i am wondering how can i obtain and make my character playable again?
    Is there any steps that i have to do or someone to talk to ? or to give information about my char?

    Thanks for the help people

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    Miniclip/gamefuse merged with Proficient City's Wartune back in August. You can read that announcement in the news section on wartune dot com.

    My understanding of the situation was you had to be active in the game prior to the August shutdown to receive your new Proficient City account information via game mail. Not sure if there is anything they can do for you now, though. You would need to contact their support.
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      Althow i knew that server was gonna close i played till 17th of August , so i hope that i woulb be like with the support team.
      Thanks for your fast reply
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