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  • ticket system

    is the ticket system bugged or broken i sent a ticket 2 days ago and had no reply

    it gave me a number didnt write it down

    ive checked ticket history and it is in the list of tickets i sent

    havnt recieved any responce through email as usual too many ppl got their hands in the cookie jar dont they know how to answer them anymore?

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    Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
    ...ive checked ticket history and it is in the list of tickets i sent ...
    How do we check ticket history now? Since November last year, I've not been able to check ticket history at all.


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      i also can not check tickey history now is no.1 mmorpg game marketplace from france
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        Tickets go entirely through email now. You will receive an email when you get a reply. If you don't get a reply, the automated system will send you an email in 2 weeks, that you will need to respond to above the line at the top.

        There is no longer a way to check tickets outside of your email.
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