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  • Quick Q.

    The tyre gained from consumers gift(sylph)

    "Spend 50,000 Balens: Legendary Tyre Seal x1, 20,000 Bound Balens, Magister's Note II x200
    Spend 100,000 Balens: Legendary Thor Seal x1, 40,000 Bound Balens, Magister's Note II x400"

    does it use adv mahra/seps or can I use my normal ones first?
    also how many BB are the skills;
    "Molten Might - Passive"
    "Roaring Lion - Delphic"
    & is the infernal inflammation & Jupiter's wrath/shock chain skills still the same bb cost as when they're herc/cerb?
    same as the blessed electro & blessed water passives? or do they all have a massive increase in cost?

    any info would be great thanks.

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    Tyre can not be upgraded into stars and moons until it is made into a Thor. To enchant it, it will take normal sepulcrum. I was looking at skills and they all seem to be either 6,000 or 15,000 balens be it bound or normal... That said... sadly I don't have one of those sylphs so I can not directly check that for you... but I am hopeful someone who can will chime in and confirm what I have said. While I know this is unfortunately not the most conclusive thing, I hope it gives you a ballpark to work with and as I said, I hope someone who can confirm this more so for you will chime in. I can say for sure though, that the Jupiter's Wrath and Shock chain are both 6,000. I can also confirm that blessed water and blessed electro are both a cost of 1,000 balens be it bound or normal.

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