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  • Troop Count

    What this means? I know that increase the number of troops..
    But what stats exacly? More hp in my 2 troops? or all stats boosted?


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    More HP.
    I forget where I see the count for this.
    But, the more you got your troop count, the longer your troop survive plus you got some extra hp for hero
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      More HP only. Your troops survive longer every battle.
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        so 1 troop count vs 1000 troop count - damage output is still the same?


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          Damage is always the same. Troop Count/200 times health of 1 troop is health of your troops if bring in the max amount. So 800 troop count provides 4 times as much HP as 200.


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            You should read this thread it explains troop count and all other stats as well.
            Clicky here for thread.
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              its (Troop HP including tech upgrade x Total Troop count) / 200

              do your math..

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