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  • Round robin individual/team tournament

    I know it might be too time consuming, but because single duels are about the only place to find an even match it got me thinking about a gladiator like event where people of a similar level and BR were matched up in single or group format, winners moving on and at the end of the week the player/team with the best rating won a prize like a gem pack and gold or maybe a socketing rod and got a title for the week. This would involve different brackets and each bracket would have a winner. Why do this?...

    PVP is deader than dead in this game. BGs are just a place where the most powerful honor farm, team arena is much more likely to produce a one sided massacre than a close fight, and 90% of GWs are complete domination. So my thought would be bring people of similar power level together.

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    Good idea. But the matching is often not easily done. Even in the 3v3 Arena, you get some teams which are much stronger than you or much weaker than you.
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