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How to rapidly get 40 or 50 legendary suit(stop wasting your skeleton keys)

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  • How to rapidly get 40 or 50 legendary suit(stop wasting your skeleton keys)

    Hello, this is Haku from server 87. Today I'll show you some tricks to get 40,50 or legendary 40,50 suit quickly. First of all, I need to mention I'm not a native English speaker so maybe my sentence won't be very smooth.

    Many player are complaining the hall of heroes gives too little crystaloid or legendary stone. Every player can only gets into hall of heroes three times a day and can only get 2 or 3 crystaloids every turn. It means you can only get 7 or 8 crystaloid every day. So does the legendary stones. But there is special place for you to get large amount of crystaloids and legendary stones in one turn. I call it "Altar". When you four people reach the "Altar", you can use your skeleton keys to summon the "Tramp".

    1.What is "Tramp"? "Tramp" is the copy of yourself. If you enter the Hall of the Heroes by yourself, the "Tramp" is the copy of yourself. If you enter the Hall of the Heroes with other three of two players, the "Tramp" is the copies of you three of four people. They have same skills, same HP, same Magic attack, same physical attack, same Battle rating with you. Even their formation is same with yours'. Everything of it of them is same with yours'.

    2.How to use skeleton keys to summon the "Tramp". That's easy cause it's never difficult to unlock a lock when you have the key. Now skeleton key is the key to this lock. Now I list the amount of the skeleton keys you need. In lvl 40-45 Hall of Heroes normal, to summon the "Tramp" you need 4 skeleton keys every time. In lvl 40-45 Hall of Heroes nightmare, the amount is same. In lvl 50-55 Hall of Heroes normal, to summon the "Tramp" you need 5 skeleton keys every time. In lvl 50-55 Hall of Heroes nightmare, the amount is same. In lvl 65-70 Hall of Heroes normal, to summon the "Tramp" you need 6 skeleton keys every time. In lvl 65-70 Hall of Heroes nightmare, the amount is same.

    3.What to do after "Tramp" come out? That's easy. Shoot them...... Beat them then you can get chest including of crystaloids and legendary stones. But they are hard to kill cause as I said they are totally same with you. Remember, the "Tramp" will copy yourself when you click them. It means after you enter the battle, you are totally same. So you can't play any trick before the battle to unequal the battle rating between you and your copies. What you can do is to consult with your friends and find out the best way to kill the "Tramp".

    4.What will you get after beating the "Tramp"? If you are in normal pattern, you will get one of these two: (1 crystaloid), (2 crystaloid). If you are in nightmare pattern, you will get one of these three: (1 crystaloid+ 1 legendary stone),(2 crystaloid+ 1 legendary stone),(1 crystaloid+ 2 legendary stone). Sometimes they will give you other extra things.

    5.There is no restriction of the turns you can summon.

    Now I will show your some pictures of the process. The sample is lvl 40 Hall of Heroes.

    (1)Reach the Altar.

    (2)The system asks whether you want to cost 4 skeleton keys to summon a "Tramp".

    (3)Ensured the summon and the "Tramp" appears.

    (4)Click the "Tramp" and enter battle.

    (5)Fighting with my copy.

    (6)Victory and the chest appears.


    A video of the process(4 vs 4).

    So that's it. The key is to collect skeleton keys. If you only have 20 keys, you could get 4 legendary stones in one turn. If you have 4 people and everyone keeps 1000 skeleton keys. Oops...... Congratulation, you may got your 50 legendary suit during one day.

    If you like what I wrote, please reply what you want to say, I want more players see this.

    Finally, I hope you all get good suits in this Game.


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    How about our crypt keys? We will run out if you don't use the skel keys on Mystery boxes.
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      I wouldn't recommend you to use skel key on Mystery boxes. Cause it will cost lots of skel key while you can't make sure you would get crypt key from it. Actually when you go through Forgotten catacombs you can get 95 coins everyday. That's not a little amount compare with the amount of crystaloids you can get. So suggest you remain your skel key for Hall of Heroes. It has the highest cost-effective.


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        thank you for share the cool info dude


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          It's good info, and under current conditions this is the best way to get enough crystaloids and legendary stones, it really highlights the bad design of the game. Doing 3 dungeons a day you'd need something like 100 days to get enough crystaloids/stones for gear. While this might be fine for the end game equipment (which once you get you won't have to upgrade because it's the best) it makes no sense for gear that will be replaced in a few weeks at most. Especially compared to how easy pvp gear is to get.


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            its not bad game design noob!
            why do you think the summoner is there for

            Hey tank

            can you tell us what all the talent skills for mage do, please?
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              who would have thought it was this easy


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                Kinda sad, to see the solution putted out on the forums.
                Me and other guildies have been doing this since after a few days of release and it was funny to see people flipping out when we got our legends.
                And blamed us for buying the damn stuff. While it was so easy to figure it out.

                Butya, now its out, we will see more golden stuff on teh servers.
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                  mmm nice idea.

                  but...if i got box i got chance to get 120 voucher


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                    anyone ever try this on god or tara lair nightmare mode? none. at least in my server. idk with other servers.


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                      Doing this on GoD or Tarradon isn't any different.
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                        this is chinese wartune ? are you sure its the same drops ?


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                          The summoner from my experience gets harder after every attempt. I can do 2 or 3 max I think till we can't win anymore.


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                            Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
                            Doing this on GoD or Tarradon isn't any different.
                            if you only aim for leg stones and crystaloids, no problem at all. but while you still <60, will you sacrifice your 1mil+ exp/day to get leg stones?
                            and up till now, none in my server ever pass 2nd boss god nm. atleast no one from 3 top guilds ever try it again. and summoner in god located right before last boss.


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                              get enough keys for your team and you can get all the leg stones you need in 1 single run, you dont have to do it every day nor even complete the dungeon just skip the last boss & exit the dungeon

                              but need so many keys