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will this game still function properly without flash? end of 2020 (for chrome users)?

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  • will this game still function properly without flash? end of 2020 (for chrome users)?

    i was reading up on a blog stating that flash will be no longer supported near end of the 2020 year (on chrome), but this game relies heavily on flash, so will it become unplayable when that year comes, or do we have to use a different web browser to continue playing?

    ty in advance...

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    Probably by then, they (R2 and devs) will pull the plug on it. I probably will not lose any sleep (or money since I didn't spend) over it, but can't say for the fools that spent heavily on it and thought they got a good deal.
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      This is a great question to be asked in 2020.
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        Hello, I am from the future...after they suckered as many people as they could out of their money, they did indeed close the game down on March 17th, 2020 at 1:20 pm. Many cried, some laughed, I ordered a pizza.