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Why do I quit wartune?

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  • Why do I quit wartune?

    Hey guys.
    Lately my nerves to this game has ended and I decided to quit. But I think it's a good idea to explain why I do quit and it would be great if everyone who is going to quit add his/her post with his reasons. Maybe it will help players who will stay here or we will bring our friends from wartune to any better game to enjoy it with our old, good friends.
    So... Why do I quit wartune?
    1. Titan Temple.
    Titan skills are very important, especially now when we can use 10 slots(which is super stupid idea and another reason why i quit. 10 mins fights against people with 10 def titan skills? No ty.)
    Only way to get decent amount of animate stones is Titan Temple, which is unplayable for lower brs. They give us 200% boost to stats now, but it changed nothing. Real problem are sea witches and friggas. We saw problem with friggas in tok, so r2 removed party tok... and added single titan temple which is even worse and harder than tok. Great job. Lower players are on mercy of cashers who and their sylph/willpower choices. We don't need 200%, 500% or 1000% stat boost. We need to disable healing effects in Titan Temple. As always r2 is showing that only important thing for them is money, no players.
    2. Rifts.
    And again... cashers who can get orange relics and doesn't actually need green or blues are occuping low level rifts. It makes that lower br's has no chance to be rift lord and earn some materials. Again money and cashers on the first place.
    You will say that we should be thankful to cashers for keeping servers on? Well... you may quit this post and don'r read anymore then.
    Cashers spend ONLY for their own benefits, because it's a only way for them to be strong. If they would spend to keep servers on and support r2, they would buy cosmetic changes like cashers do in another games. Great example is PoE. There is 0 pay to win items in cash shop. Only cosmetic changes and? Game is in better health than wartune will ever be. Cashers don't keep servers on. They make that r2 add more and more bad pay to win stuff and don;t care about bugs or player voices because... if they get money for doing nothing, why they have to do anything then?
    3.No progress in old events.
    R2/7Road some times are giving us very nice things like archaelogy or advanced guild shop with materials for knighthood equipment. But they forget that we(players) are progressing and things which were great in past are not so great anymore now.
    Here is a little list of examples:
    - Archaelogy - old and useless stuff. Even players on new servers doesn't need legendary shards and similar junks, because leveling is so fast now that everyone go straight to lv 80 equipment. Easy solution:
    ?Reduce archaelogy attempts to 15. Doing 30 digs daily is way too boring.
    ?Instead digging shards of items, we could dig archaelogy coins, which we could exchange in shop for items which we actually need.
    2 things and archaelogy will get second life.
    -Advanced guild shop - is very nice till you get knighthood equipment. Later you just gather up fangs of fear and have nothing to do with them, except buying dimension chests sometimes.
    Easy solution:
    ?Add animate stones, basic and advanced talent stones or another things like smelting stones, which high br players could spend their fangs of fear for.
    -Dragon Invasion - after max your dragon soul and refining of your mounts, actually you don't need DI. In past it was a great way to get gold but now we can get similar amount of gold in Broken Space in... 2mins not in 20mins.
    Easy solution:
    ?Add Dragon Invasion Nightmare. If normal DI is for "dragon levels" DI Nightmare would be for knighted players and could drop animate stones, wraith stones, advanced talent stones or cast stones(which we need hundreds of thousands and we will never get so much in current events).
    -Circuit Quests - Is a great way for non knighthood players to get basic talent stones and soul crystals, but after max them(which is so easy now), Circuit Quests are useless.
    Easy solution:
    ?Add circuit quests for knighthood players with advanced talent stones, smelting stones.
    Sylph hutning:
    I think everyone know pain of collectiong 60 sylph souls to get sylph for mahra and sepulcrum event...
    Easy solution
    ?Auto battle against sylphs like in hero trial. Just click and see result, without entering and quiting battle which is longest part of "fight".

    ...and many many more stuff, which r2 will never change, because they don't care about making game funnier and enjoyable but about adding new things which casher will can spend for.
    These are my reason of quiting wartune. I didn't remove my eq, sylph, willpower or whatever so maybe one day if game will change developer or r2 will open their eyes I will back. But for now i say good bye to my wartune friends and all wartune comminity. You peaople are only reason why this game may be funny, enjoyable and playable now.

    ...and if some is going to quit wartune, just make short post in this thread, explaining why are you going to do this. Good bye... or maybe see u everyone!

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    I don't blame you. I am well on my way to doing the same as I am a bit fed up with the stuff that is going about. But, if I were to drop out from the Wartune scene, allow me to voice some:

    Performance Issues
    When I first played Wartune, I was able to move around with 3 guys that had people wonder how I do such (smaller windows and cascade layout). Loading from zone to zone, or event to event only took nanoseconds. Spire runs were fun because I can control every guy (by clicking on the window and pressing the button of the skill for each one) before the round ends. I only quit it when it becomes mundane and stale as I wasn't getting anywhere and EXP/items were reduced with each level beyond a certain point.

    I came back into the WT scene after wanting to try it out since I was gone for a year and to see what changes came about. I kind of liked it because I was able to play 4 guys on my own (skills and clicking window fields like pages of a book). Events were meaningful as well (which I will voice in its own segment). The same computer I used when Wartune Year One was out is the very same one I used for this. The only time it became laggy is when I was going through Guild Battle as everyone had on flashy mounts and/or clothes/titles on them. Other than that, I was knocking myself out on other things. Spire didn't have the layered sprites, either.

    It was after 5.1, performance took a severe nose dive: big font (I guess they are so blind in that country that they need it big to read) damage identifiers, tremendous amount of swirl based icons (like as if something's that important, anyways), sprite layering in MPDs and Weekly Dungeons, lag in PVP based events, and now we've got to constantly load in every zone we touch (what's the point of cache if you have to reload every place you visited when you play).

    This would be my top reason to quit (or on the road of such).

    With the introduction of new content (will powers, dragon chanting, etc.), events for much older items are phased out. New players or those who had dove into a new server will still need those abundant items in order to progress. Some functions do not allow for such (which will discussed in a bit) so we rely on such events to be given those items we need. For three weeks now, clothing shards are being phased out (don't lie, R2, we know this is happening) that clothing sets will probably be out of range for the free player.

    For such, this is why I do not do any more events. There is no point.

    Game Content
    Like you, I, too, have some quirks about the content, especially on ones that spenders are hogging up on. Dragonchant was good, but comes the question on where to get more talisman chests so you can get the desired ones to build upon and then taking on the next levels. Eudaemon Domain is total garbage because you have to register, and if you don't show up at the time it wants you to show up on, you lose out. In the old Eud Arena, you can go in and get stuff (win or lose). This event doesn't have scrolls (for those of us trying to upgrade our Eud's skills either as new players or just having a new Eud to play with) and the rewards are skimpy. Titan Temple still sucked you know what (sucked even more that it took a long time trying to load and by the time it finished, I am presented with a Failure screen.

    And don't even get me started on the clothing sets! I could say things about it that would put those statements into the derogatory category at go. I come to be a badass, not some <insert derogatory text here>! I was hoping for that Justin Bieber fairy town person to be fired, but now I just want them to face a firing squad for this heinous crime. Some I just forego because I do not want to be parading around in them.

    I could go on, but these are my pet peeves; so I understand on how you felt.
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      I agree with rifts and time vortex 1000% players with leg gears for dragonchant are takin green and blue time vortex map lords and they ave no need for these materials yes some ppl will say cuz they can get 10 exp for 1 green or blue mat but it does take the pi ss wen they are rifts their is no chance on getting anything then


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        well our server is fine and peaceful, we have agreement w/ Top Player cross-server for doing Last Map (Immortal Pass) When Time Rift start. Any Top Player agree to help other player to get Legendary Chest for 2 attempts per day in Time Rift. There need to Strips Completely [No Sylph, No Skill, No Astral, No Titan Runes, No Talisman & No Kids/Willpower] making the Battle Rate(BR) 8 or 12m, so easy for other Player making team and fight Time Rift in last Map. Smart eh any other in your server is Top BR that have reach last map can help you get Time Rift. My server pretty much are helping each other to get the rewards.
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        Time Zone: (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada)
        Games play: League of Angel (first & 2nd vision), Wartune, Crystal Saga (First & 2nd Vision), Dragon Pals, Shadowbound, Lunaria Story, Swords of Divintiy, Dawnbreaker & God Wars [I'm everywhere to play, but of course now i'm focus on Wartune even Wartune I do have different server but won't say to much detail & I do change name depend what anime name]


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          is no fun if everybody quit and hope your server is nice enough to agree and help each other to share. Even I'm not a big casher but mid-cash only spend on Clothes so as recharge good stuff. Still I love to help free player to get thro Time Rift in Last Map everyday for 2 attempts per day's like 7-8 times. If you in my server 345
          East Server: 345 Crystal Plains
          Character: Mage
          Class: Knighthood
          level: 80
          Time Zone: (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time (US &amp; Canada)
          Games play: League of Angel (first & 2nd vision), Wartune, Crystal Saga (First & 2nd Vision), Dragon Pals, Shadowbound, Lunaria Story, Swords of Divintiy, Dawnbreaker & God Wars [I'm everywhere to play, but of course now i'm focus on Wartune even Wartune I do have different server but won't say to much detail & I do change name depend what anime name]


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            I might be tempted to come there. However, real life stuff takes place over game now. Started some renovations on my home (phase III) as well as redesigning the Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) lines which will probably have me cut into the slabs as there is no basement, but it will be worth it.
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            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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              On our server the same thing. The Rifboss is stripped and the strongest players help others so they can beat it.


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                well after reading this it makes me laugh at your whining, funny thing is that your quiting is because you want rewards for not doing anything, seems like u want every reward just handed to ya. funny thing it doesn't work that way i spent a lot of time in titan temple and couldn't even get past the first level when i started. i can now finish it with ease but that took, a lot of time and effort, and yes frustration, cursing, and anger. but i knew that the more i did it the easier it would get cause of the charge shards and the more titans i got the easier it would get. made my toon a lot stronger too. after all that hard work, the other day they had an event that preaty much gave away all titans and charge shards and made it a lot easier for people to clear it. how did u think that made me feel? after all that hard work people like u who complain about everything, get yours handed to ya. Well made me feel good that i earned my br and it wasn't handed to me! so if u think cashers are bad think again. You are worst cause at least they pay for theirs instead of whining about it, and getting it as a hand out. least u can do is quit your whining and wait quietly for your hand out. also dont be a cheapskate and get a better computer!!!! nice dry snitching with screenshots u guys are real smart lol wow
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                  This isn't grade school, there's no 'snitching'. More people should speak up about things that go on in their servers, good or bad. It's called feedback. Even opinions about other people's feedback is important. There should be conversations happening about everything, before people get to their breaking point where they feel their only option left is to quit.
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                    Games like this arent supposed to keep improving the old systems all the way. You can stop doing digs and other "useless stuff" once you don't need anything from there, its your choice. Also the events/quests/dungeons etc. are same for everyone and you are playing against everyone so not like you are losing something when rewards of some things are irrelevant.

                    Titan temple is something that takes time and effort if you didnt participate in xmas lucky exchanges, but as ppl earlier said its doable in long run.

                    What comes to shops, sure there are some silly things who no1 buys and fangs as of now doesnt serve much of purpose, but then again what would be the point of just buying all the materials you need/want ? Lot of ppl likely have hundreds of thousands of fangs saved now, if devs add some recent item in there that material will get inflated in matter of days or weeks (depending on purchase limits) and then the whining resumes. Why not just give everyone big red button for you to press monthly and you get 5m br from it ? Wouldnt need to bother too much with playing

                    Sure there is lot of things to improve and fix in this game, but it still is a game you are supposed to play. Sometimes get frustrated, sometimes succeed and feel good. If you dont like the game, then its better quit.


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                      Agree with Jompero0 lots of cursing when began Titan Temple. tho the higher I got , ( working my butt off ) made me feel good about each goal met. Does not matter to me if win or lose , each time I get over a barrio that stopped my progress ( I swear a bit ) get back in and get er done.. Some maybe way bigger and stronger yet I never have looked at that issue, I just kept going on my terms for me and my character.
                      And believe me many heard me *sigh* when I could not accomplish something . When I did many actually said GJ , you will surprise yourself if you just keep working towards a goal, no matter how small it may seem.
                      Sometimes things are like in real world. Pick yourself up and keep going and ignore all the rest of the petty stuff ..
                      Laugh at those who are profoundly ignorant of things around them that are different . Makes you the better person, cause your always walking around with a smile that seems like you just got laid. And that is always better .


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                        For a person who only has 3 posts to their name on this forum, it's a clear indication you're a kid trying to get into the adult discussion table. Seeing that reading is not your strongest suit, you just trolled in hoping people will be further discouraged in discussing about the problems this game has going.

                        Whoop-de-flippin'-doo for you to work hard on your character. I worked hard on my units throughout the time I had played as well, but you don't see my flaunt of such.

                        I think I speak for many that all we wanted is a game where we can really play instead of trying to maintain, if you catch my drift. It's not my job to play the Devil's Advocate and report every little thing this game has wrong, performance wise, because it's a job meant for a truly competent quality assurance and testing department this company should be having. However, I do it because of my said experience in the field along with other things that makes me a very formidable adversary to be trifled with by the likes of them, or you.

                        I don't want nothing to be handed to me in what I do. However, if someone were to put something that had gotten me used to the frequency of such to the point that I look forward to such when it comes around, and then takes it off, it's going to raise a lot of questions as well as concerns (biggest case in point, clothing shards).

                        To me, spenders are the biggest fools in this game that is being played. For the want of a pixel, they rather shell money towards a broken game. If they had any restraint, spending should be paused until we get the developer's/promoter's attention and will only resume when the item is fixed to the satisfaction of said players. Yeah, you kemosabes pay money, but if it was me, it would be I would want something in return (like a working game at the very least) for my investment; or I might as well throw my money at every little thing out there that gives shoddy workmanship in return just because. Now, I feel a DirecTV commercial coming about when I said that last bit, LOL.

                        I've already outlined what reasons I will have if I were to quit this game; I don't think I need to repeat myself.

                        And "snitching"? Who really uses that anyways?
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                        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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                          well i cant argue with you on your points about wanting the game to work right, everyone would love that. but as we all know that would problably never happen as they would have to keep the game off line for weeks, As for reading is not my strongest suit, if u go to the top of the page i.m talking about him not you. i didn.t see any whining in your post as a matter of fact i say again u got good points that i would agree on, i think that yes r2 neglects customers and yes they done a few things that i thought where really bad. but the way that the game i set other then the performance issues are set for everyone just the same the way that u go about getting your goals acomplished is up to you, clothing shards to me are a waste of time as getting them in the required time is rediculous and a waste of time, theres other way to get clothes. but back to my reading is not my strongest suit, u got reasonable reasons why u want to quit not a bunch of demands of what they should do to make the game easy for u to get more and better rewards, u know how many of those i seen when i decide to read a lil because maintance is on. get really annoying is why i only posted 3 times, not because im a kid trying to get in to an adult conversation, or trolling im sure if i wanted to troll i would have to find a better site to do it on. i dont know how much time you have tried to read a tread that u need info on and had to cut trough all of the whining from people, about how much they hate the game but wont just quit they ruin the tread and i get no info. well just like u had enough and u might quit. im going to say whats on my mind when i see some one who has no points to make other then hey im greedy and i feel like im special and i should get rewards on that alone, well since reading is not my strongest suit and english is my 3rd language next time try not to be so jumpy as i was not talking about you!! cashers are not the biggest fools they are the people who dont like to wait and they are entitled to that with all that green they trow at the game and they are not going to want to wait a couple of weeks for them to fix this loll


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                            Well, agree with putting new items in shops/circuit/digs and removing the shop daily buying limit. Also agree TT is a bit too hard. On the other hand, they started to open up new ways to get the useful items, so not much complaints. I just don't do it and be patient with event updates. As for the number of dig attempts, if you don't find it useful or interesting, you don't have to do it. I never did a dig or circuit and might never do them either.