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Save our Server -- S-17/S-12 or whatever we are now.

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  • Save our Server -- S-17/S-12 or whatever we are now.

    OK... I know that 'management' of these merges is not paying much attention to these posts... but ***! You merged 2 more servers with s-17 and s-12 again! I was not going to post anything this time because it seems pretty futile... 'management' is going to do what it wants with no checking anyway.... but if someone does happen to see this: NO MORE MERGES WITH THIS SERVER!!! It is getting sorely overpopulated, and so much lag on events that everyone is getting pretty ******. I don't like to give in especially after putting so much time into something, but if we get merged one more time, I'm out too with so many people who have already gotten frustrated and moved on. You guys are wrecking our server. This is not about too much competition or such... it's about the playability of the game. If you can't do anything for lag, no hope of even coming close to 1% in WB when you were, the areas in wilds are getting 'plugged', constantly getting your guild back into good standings and actually 'working' to play the game... it is not fun anymore and no amount of compensation will fix that. Quit merging our server! Merge guys who want and need it. We don't. REALLY! Good game, good concepts, needing some more completion to game, but quite playable as is.... but someone is smoking too much drugs and ruining it for us all.
    -- NickFury -- S-17

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    Why are they merging very active servers when there are servers without much activity not getting merged? My server S61 springs to mind as an example...


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      lumping all the cashers together, hmm? interesting

      perhaps they want you all to spend.. $$$ after the merge or something like have a party celebration


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        hahahaha.... that's quite possible. Lots of competition with the guys who had the Top Rankings. Maybe they did throw a balen party. =D
        But yeah... they are sorely overpopulating the server. When we play events now... all you see is everybody typing 'laaaaaag' on WC and current chat and it is getting quite hard to play. Tree of Ancients reset happens, just stop playing dungeons for a few hours. Big pauses loading battles at that time (and lag).... and it's not just me if it's all over WC all the time. World Boss gets almost unplayable at times too, like last half of last bar of HP and always said 'abundance' for attendance after first merge, now a lvl 50 knight can't even make .2 or .3%. Insanity. You can't play a game if it lags so bad you are constantly 2 moves behind what is actually going on.


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          hmm lets hope their is a positive side to the situation & that the lagg can be reduced on your server, soon


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            stop mergering...clean cheater 1st from all server especially s43


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              oh no .. s12 and s17 merging .. ?? Xenoz come back play s1 with us ..
              [S1] Temple Of Ibalize

              "If you really listen for it .. you'll begin to hear that phrase in the melody of the flute that was played .."


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                hahaha.... They already merged a while back. Now they added S-10 and another server in with us on Jan. 5.