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  • treasure inventory

    cant they change this over payed space so that dim's ,broken space shards, eud crystal's , and maybe the upgrade stuff for the relics that they move to there? payed enough and have 3 pages left what cant be filled

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    Hmm, thats good idea. At least let Lord's trial crystals and maybe soul crystals and other "shiny" items go there. Sure they cant have all go there since need to have some reason for rent inventory pages but could add bunch of treasure worthy items


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      Would love to be able to add more things to the treasure inventory. Also they can change how some other things are stored like dims. Make dims be stored in it's own inventory kind of like it already is, just don't have them stored in both places. Same with farm plants, just keep them in their own storage in the farm. I am sure there are other items the same can be done to


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        just time that they do that as they give us so much stuff would like to have that stuff moved to treasure inventory to make some space in normal inventory