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elite refinement crystals

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  • elite refinement crystals

    is there any other way to get these other than athena?

    if not there really needs to be,i'm at work when athena
    is going bad i didn't finish refining before upgrades
    but didn't think lametune would not have another way for
    players to get them.
    06-10-2018 12:00 AM
    06-10-2018 12:20 AM
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    there is no event,but idiot editing won't let me delete it.


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      vBulletin limitation. The only way to remove an accidental event creation is to click the calendar icon again before submitting the thread. Not entirely sure why you were able to create one in the first place. I do have it disabled. This version is very buggy, but I'll take the bugs over the spam.

      No, the only way to get refinement crystals is from the Athena Shop.
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