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    why when using skills does the rune skill not work and then you got no skills for 3 turns plz

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    I haven't noticed this happening. Does it happen while in AFK mode or active play? With certain runes? In certain areas? Is there other lag being experienced during the battle?
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      hapens if you try juse it befor titan animation has gone off realy pian in ... that is not fixe titan make so mouch delay realy ned fixe it so just get add no animation, abit like passive procs.


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        you mean titan skill? its an annoying thing when your titan cast while you press rune you lose 3 turn's off attack.. but 2 option's
        1: go up in sylph mode to remove the "bug of not able to use skill's for 3turns"
        2: if you where in sylph mode try to go down either way it ***** up yout sylph turn

        and this been told many times but they won't fix it not able to or just dun want to


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          They should just stop disabling skill select at all except for skills on cooldown. It's been glitchy for so long they're never going to be able to fix it, obviously, so why not just remove the broken limiter? There are plenty of cases where skill buttons are all enabled when a skill is already selected, so it's not like it will break anything if they do this.


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            I thought that the rune not working for 3 rounds was just happening to me. Every time I try to use my chaos in arena as my first skill, I stand there and take a beating without getting to skill. Then after the third round, my skills will light up and I get to skill my chaos AGAIN and it will finally go.

            Another thing that really irks me... it happens in WB if I try to do it afk... my toon goes into sylph mode (Thor) and will immediately do Vulcan's Blessing (which has a 45-second cooldown), it will then select another skill, and then it will do Vulcan's Blessing twice more (because I have my Arcane Power set in the 4th slot). So... doing WB in afk gets me ONE hero and ONE sylph damage hit. What happened to the 45-second cooldown?!?!
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