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the annoying goddess,,

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  • the annoying goddess,,

    not going to use this idiotic thing,you made the animation too
    damn big so it blocks half the it should have been
    a smaller animation and it also should have been placed in
    the background,not in front of everything.
    should consider firing the person that did that amateur fubar.

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    I couldn't agree more. It is so large that it blocks your view of your hero. I know that it's especially frustrating for me because when I enter a room and skill, it doesn't always engage. I have to SEE the icon above my hero to know whether my skill is done, otherwise I have to skill again and then I'm either in blinking skill mode or it hits afk.

    Another one that really irks me is the willpower's activation aura in Eudaemon Domain... I can't SEE the HP bars!
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      I only have Hecate, but didnt use, cause when i fight in bg/arena someone with goddess its more lag, then if i fight someone without it.
      But reading this and in game comments, i would say they need to make it smaller like normal eady, or make it similar to relic/astrals or they should put back cache!