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New Mage Passive Skill - Counterspell

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  • New Mage Passive Skill - Counterspell

    I get really annoyed when i am constantly being stunned when in arena and got thinking that well mages should have a passive skill called counterspell that triggers when being hit by stun.........
    I say this because the mages greatest weapon is his/her mind and i believe that a mental barrier against such attacks would have developed instinctively allowing the mage to atleast try to deflect the stun, just as a knight would instinctively raise a shield to defend against physical attacks. It is an ability that is sadly lacking and would greatly improve gameplay - PASSIVE SKILL COUNTERSPELL.

    While i am moaning about things why the hell cant we sell Fusion Spirits or atleast recycle them because if to be honest i dont want loads of them in my inventory or Guild Safe. Better still dont include them in anymore up and coming Lucky Exchange,
    Server: S169 Mossrune Hall
    Name: Silvasina
    Class: Mage
    Guild: <LEGION>

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    Due to how our skill trees are set up, it's not at all likely we will see the devs include new passives to only the mage tree. In order to have a modicum of success, your suggested new passive would need to replace one that already exists.
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