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    we need new developers prefer those who know what they are doing, have common sense and know reality
    Live long and prosper.

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    Thread moved to Feedback.
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      this ones pushing us to quit...... nerving everything they really need to stop with this drop rates for mounts and wings/clothing are so low it aint funny anymore


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        the 2 day recharge to trigger prizes is shamefully lame... these prizes triggered are the same as the previous 1 day recharge...the black friday deals being limited to 1 is terrible marketing...doesnt the game devs want us to spend are about buy 3 get 1 free specials...players would see value in a special such as that and would spend appropriately generating more income for this game....a limit of 1 for a supposed black friday deal just stopped me from spending on things i most likely would have spent much much more on...terrible marketing of this game


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          they killing the game over priced junk you can find for free... if prices where lower and drop rates for mounts/wing's/clothin where bit higher they would earn much more.. ooo wait and when they have fixed the lag/freeze/bug's


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            they just trying to get as much out of players before flash stops end of 2020 i be over so there stockholders need to get a few big payouts before game is not playable anymore
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