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    we did smutty ...and most clusters of servers do work cross server together to get it calmed down when something like that happens... better to say we had about a year of pretty steady rift running with only now and then a person who was upset with something and would destroy it for a bit and fools of course who blitz in dragonchant (instead of normal) and click wrong...but again as server and crosserver you have to work together to make it work , seems that part you did and or do not really grab

    secondly in your last post you say you do not like confrontation my question on that it...why do yo even play a multiplayer semi wargame ...Yes semi cause mostly it is collecting and fighting lag

    good to see how ever you upped ya BR lol
    anyway hope you find something that suit you better...and hopefully you did inform your guildie's that you said goodbye to the game least you can do if that is not to much of a confrontation
    Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill now gamerocks
    Server : S122 US-East
    Guild : Fenix
    Class : Mage
    IGN : Theonlyghost