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Add AFK mode in titan temple

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  • Add AFK mode in titan temple

    less chance to waste an attempt by sudden lag. maybe

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    less chance to win on higher levels to cause game never picks the optimized skills ..... in sylph mode it totally take the wrong 1's for example do worldboss in afk mode and get the awakening titan activate at first so you sylph then watch..... 1 of delphics will be done 3x while 2 is max if you have the remove cooldown titan equiped lol.... oh and thats bin reported with screenshots and short video's ....reponse is do not do it in afk roflmfao so nope good try at suggestion but a fail hihi
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      only wanna say it's hopeless to get them fix the lag problem
      the sudden lag isn't predictable and rf everytime doesn't really help
      no matter what would still be better than nothing can do to die
      even the stupidest skill setting works better than 0 skill afk for 3 mins especially there's a seawitch
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