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Answer from Mentor when we asked about League rumble points to get help

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  • Answer from Mentor when we asked about League rumble points to get help

    Almost all server losed League Rumble Points without any chance to see when we can use them , and we have asked a Mentor to help and his answer was a big NO ... what we have to do to make this company to listen to us , when they had added so many new thinks and most of them are usless , of course ppl can't remember all if the information and comunication with players is really low
    I post this to make sure that this company don't care about players , if anyone will listen players then stop asking our money and help comunication and send all information that players needs ,

    the way how you trat us is really bad ... if you really care about players
    Rumble points in my opinion should be like ares , should be permanent , like that ppl will not complain about losing them
    another good idea to improve comunication , in past you used to send info in purple every 1 or 2 hours ( you should keep doing again that ) it helps right now when the game is full of stuff
    all server  losed  League  rumble  points   and no1  did  something  ,  and  answer  from  Mentor  was  this
    IGN: Yummy from S106

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    There is an expire date on the leagua insignia , the moment the expire date is over the rumble points are gone
    the expire date stands in the points shop and you can also find in your profile ( where every rewards showing )