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    can someone explain how some get more then 10 points a win? my team was ahead 20 points on the nr2 we lost 2 fights make us gain 10 points and nr2 could catch up 10 points.. but theyended 20points ahead of us...
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    glitch bug or by hacking game shhhhhhhhh the last parts a secret hahahhaa


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      You get points for plundering the point chest and for preventing your own point chest from being plundered, in addition to the points for the fight.
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        so thats why my team gets 10 a win.. every single time.. stil dun make up the atleast 20 point diff on nr2 en after 2 loses the nr 2 ending 20 above us somewhere their went something wrong ... a well won't matter nothing gonna be done about it and to bad this week no oving up to another league


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          Also remember that ranking are behind by one round. So if you are talking about last 2 rounds the starting situation in your example was 3 rounds before end. And you get 10 points from win, 5 from plundering enemy chest and 5 from defending own chest.

          So in worst case scenario points can swing by 45 in ranking when you have 2 last rounds left.


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            Don't try to understand the rules, you'll make yourself crazy.


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              so if so then 20 points a win.. a well they can sck on a peyote cactus