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sterling silver

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  • sterling silver

    where to get them see only rave can get soe there (10) cus not big guild will there be some more events to get them or? why not much info about them

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    You'll get them in Heavenly Crianza as well.
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      that and the rave only way's? bit lame then.. hard to get then a well it stay's R2 and their lame stuff


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        that 6 of creanza makes the diff ... lame


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          its the choice we make.. to be in a big guild and get it all (material) or to stay in u own guild and have it all (joy) but miss the big rewards.. I know what my choice will be. Do you know yours?
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            they make it harder and harder with titles they hand out mothersday was doable fathers day was bit harder and this one harder


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              guess dev's force ppl into spending/big guilds in order to get a title..


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                this is for so far the badest title event no chance to get enough.... a well FU