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Just because you lost, doesn't mean someone cheated

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  • Just because you lost, doesn't mean someone cheated

    So there seems to be this theme in arena lately among some of the bigger players....if your team happens to beat them, they instantly make snide comments like "nice cheats" or "good hacks" Newsflash folks, just because you lost, it doesnt' mean my team or I cheated. There are a billion different buffs, both positive and negative in the game now that we have no control over. Things aren't always going to break your way. Sorry you just can't overpower everyone now because you spent more....guess I'd be mad too if I had spent as much as some of these people and can't just bash them. But it's getting a little tiresome of being accused of cheating especially since my knowledge of programming or scipts ended sometime soon after Lotus 1-2-3 stopped being a thing.

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    Recently our team got accused for cheating as well, they even sent in a video of the battle(s) to report it as cheating/hacking...and they claim there is software online to download that makes your toon invincible or taking less damage...i have never seen such a script or cheat ever...they simply doesnt understand that with todays buffs/debuffs + stun and specter and not to forget all the lag its only luck who win or loose these days


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      lot of times i was accused too, i can say what i always, mr. r2 can come to check my computer, my desktop, my inet connection or whatever they need check to see im not hacking or similar.
      i dont have nothing to hide so im very calm with it....


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        well lmao their is a bot for this game r2 knows it very well it auto runs this game and all pvp events for you so u don't ave to be sitting next to ur comp 24/7

        FACT and r2 and devs still let ppl use this bot tool


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          Regardless of whether or not there is a bot tool, Clicker is right - this type of behaviour happens a lot. Well, if they want to go calling people cheats just because they got beaten, they truly are losers!
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            Back in year 2016, a friend of mine was threatened and reported because she received a random heal as a result of a Summoner Card Bonus. We told them to look for the buff description in Magic Inn, but they refused and insisted they must turn her in for 'cheating'. They did not lose. They won the arena battle. But still, they threatened her and reported her, and she received a warning not long after. That's possibly the way of gaming for some people. They threaten you or report you not because you are strong or you win, but because they want to make everyone else's life harder, for whatever reason or for no reason at all.

            Pretty much in the same way some people would report your YT video as copyright infringement just to make you go through the fretting automated unblocking process for no reason, even if the video contains nothing but a recording of your birthday party at home.


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              It’s so easy for people to say your hacking / cheating which my team have had a lot of lately we hit fast and people say that they can’t rune that’s not our fault we set all our stuff to sync with each other it works for us but it doesn’t mean we are hacking or cheating


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                Happened again today and when I asked "how am I cheating?" the response was "I don't know, but you're on kabam and they cheat" Makes perfect sense, huh?


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                    The day this "cheating" happened was the day the matching for arena went downhill (all battles were one sided now). I stopped doing it about a year and a half ago. Then kind of left the game about 10 months ago after I was busy with work (traveling has its perks with the job).
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