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Rampant cheating -- a sign the game is dying

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  • Rampant cheating -- a sign the game is dying

    When developers let cheating like this happen the end is near. And no, it's not buffs and debuffs. It's one side getting 5-9 turns (not even kidding there) to every 1 of the other side. It's a 2-turn stun that lasts 5 turns and then suddenly disappears. Not replaced, same one, never counts down because the turns are being blocked. It's players being dead for 2 turns and suddenly reviving. It's people using skills while stunned. It's seeing a 3-line icon bar over your skills, with conflicting buffs and debuffs like sun and specter or stun right next to each other. Consistently.

    We can tell when we fight a cheat or an honest player. There is an entirely different vibe that you can't see if you are cheating. We can lag. We can freeze. But both sides do it in tandem.

    There are tons of bugs that are making legitimate play insane, but there are also people who think that using something outside the game (whether a switch or program) to control play inside the game is somehow cool. And it isn't. The developers are letting it happen because they know the plug will be pulled soon. I don't care if I lose in an honest fight. Or if I win against a cheater -- that happens a lot too; you cheat and yet the honest player still wins. It happens.

    In fact, I'll celebrate an amazing hit or defense, no matter who wins. To the players who don't cheat, thank you. Good, honest fights are a blessing. We're a dying breed, in more ways than one. But rampant cheating is a sign that the end is near, or something would be done to stop it. I don't care who agrees or disagrees with this post. Fact is, there are bugs in PVP that we know exist. But there are more and more people taking advantage of honest players because they think that somehow cheating and winning can exist in the same world. If you cheat, you are a loser. You know when you do it. I don't need to prove truth when you know what you've done. You have to live with yourself. And you're killing the game.

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    I've just walked away from wartune largely because PvP is such a mess. I'll periodically check the forums and main sites to see if a future patch addresses any of the problems but I'm not optimistic. What I have seen is that the icons for buffs and debuffs can stick around after the actual effect has worn off but that happens in PvE as well particuarly once you start to lag. There's enough "magic" happening in the PvE parts of the game that I'd be hesiatant to accuse anyone of cheating in the PvP parts although I would be entirely unsurprised if there were players using tools to cheat.

    I think a lot of the issues with the game are attributable to bad coding, poor communication, bad business management, and just general incompetence at the developer end. The game really is just a laggy mess and that affects all aspects of it. The last time I did ares war I had one fight where I managed to kill my opponent and their wp/sub but still lost the fight. I lost because the game was lagging and my kill happened just after the timer ended (I think). I just AFKed the rest of the event because at that point it was just a waste of my time. PvP is just a red hot mess with too many buffs/debuffs happening at random and half the time the icons for them don't disappear once the effect is ended. I'm not interested in sitting there being frustrated by a badly coded game.


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      yes there are bug but to blame specter or stun that players use those are not cheats a there is more then one way in the game you might get stunned as for lag its not always in tandem sometimes as for being dead and still fighting that is a bug that has been in the game and has never been fixed it is easy to say someone is cheating when one lost the fight but as we all know there has been more lag in the game over the years that dose not go away I have seen many bugs in this game when fighting in many of the pvp and yet I have not come across any who I thought was cheating I just work harder for the next time I face them


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        While I think there may be some cheats in the game, I don't think it's nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. I think they've added so much **** to the game that the program doesn't know what to do with all the overlapping and conflicting things that are going on. I've been playing this game for about 6 years now I think and not once have I used any kind of cheat or hack or script or whatever. Yet nearly every day in arena I'm getting accused of cheating and frankly I'm getting sick of it. The reason I started playing Wartune in the first place was because the game I played before this, Edgeworld, was filled with cheats....whole guilds at a time were booted for cheating and it didn't stop the problem so I gave up on it.


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          Originally posted by john330 View Post
          or something would be done to stop it
          Need video evidence of cheating, including names and servers. Has that been provided through a ticket?

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            I take it they still haven't fixed all the performance related issues. Part of the reason on why I kind of left WT and left a sleeper in the guild to keep it going (one man operable guild now). I know I am going to keep repeating myself but it has to be done: Chinese developers lose the flashy stuff and you will see an improvement; lose the big numbers that can be seen at 400 metres without a sniper scope and you will see an improvement; put things that players want and... well, you get the picture I hope.

            Oh, I am not back fully yet folks. I am just busy with work that takes its toll on a guy like me. However, I could do with a mail once in a while (you know who you are that I cherished and love).

            And now, my famous phrase to all: Game On!
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