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Returning player event?

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  • Returning player event?

    Hi, is there going to be a returning player event any time soon?

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    No. An event for returning players ran last month, but it is now a completely different type of event.
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      It seems they have decided to end the previous event for good for some reason.
      The key difference was that a player who has spent a lot would have been able to get on a NEW server or a server of his/her choice where they have not played before, a chance to start anew with 50% "credited back" balens based on what they have historically recharged. Thus a player who had spent $20,000 on a toon and then quit would be able to start with 1,000,000 balens and 1,000,000 bound balens, giving him strong incentive to start anew, since he would be starting with a heavy advantage, and would not need to spend as much to grow to the top.
      There may have been several justifications - they do not want to differentiate between a "brand new" casher and an "old returning" casher; they had a problem that new start could actually be on a server merged with the abandoned by the player server distorting the rationale behind "fresh start", or simply not keen to have any form of meaningful incentive of this type (essentially, if you quit, you are gone for good and no effort is considered worth the while to bring you back). We will never know. While some of the arguments are valid, I have a feeling that when porting is done to HTML5 or Steam or whatever solution they come up with, most likely it will run the risk of wiping out past payments history making it redundant. Also given lack of certainty on porting or phasing out, they may feel quitters would not be courageous enough to come back and spend until they are certain if the game will make it (and in what form) after 2020.