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UPDATE!! All players with issues locating or logging into their characters since the transfer are required to send in a ticket. Please CLICK HERE for instructions!
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  • Insignia

    Can anyone give me some tips how to get 2k insignias fast?
    IGN: DeathAwaits (Thinking of starting over.)
    Server: Psychodelica
    Class: Hybrid Knight
    Level: 4x Mortal
    Pet: Baby Demon
    Guild: Guardians

    IGN: DeathAwaits
    Server: Temple of Ibalize
    Class: Archer
    Level: 3x
    Battle Rating: 8000+
    Troops: Gryphon
    Guild: Eternal (Officer)

  • #2
    sure.... 3x3 group arena, don't lose your battles.... thats good for 450 insignia... then the battlegrounds... again, don't lose... random amount of insignia plus the wing or lose per bg bonus... and then there is the guild war...
    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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