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answer me PLZ

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  • answer me PLZ

    how to used "Lv5.PATK gem Transposer"???

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    go into your inventory and click on it.... its a one use scroll with a permanent ability, it will disappear and that is normal
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      double click on it n u will learn the ability to synethesize lvl 5 patk gems.
      U can see it from synthesize option in blacksmith.
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        why i cant learn it ???


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          always "already"...;'(


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            Originally posted by R28107791 View Post
            why i cant learn it ???
            U need four level 4 patk gems to make a level 5 gem transposer, dont worry the four gems wont be consumed u just need to have them.


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              thanx a lot guys...
              enjoy this game...