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    My old guild master used to play lottery game to see who will get a chest, now she leaved. So, i dont know.
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      Another i have seen is Guild master saves 30 chests and then distributes it to most active people.


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        I have seen a guild that gives the guild battle chests out on a point system for doing certain things through the week. The system will work out where the same people will obtain the chests every time. Guild battle has nothing to do with how the chests are handed out. I feel this is wrong as the chests are awarded for guild battles at the end of the week and should be given out only for those in guild battle and not for other reasons.


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          We have 85 and still don't know how to distribute them, lol.
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            i want to kill my master she never give me alway give to close frnds


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              I have a system where I give out around 25 chests to avtive people, write down their names.
              Each 100k contributed also earns a chest.
              Stock up chests again, give out to more active peoples, and try to divide it equally.
              Some may say the 100k contribution is unfair, but top 2 contributers in my guild are non-cashers:P
              Havent had any complaints so far tbh.

              It's a suggestion
              Been dong this for what. 6-7 months now, hope it's a valid suggestion for y'all ;**
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