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A few possible suggestions to make events more challenging, etc....

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  • A few possible suggestions to make events more challenging, etc....

    Here are a few suggestions to add to the challenge of events. 1) In World Boss, please remove the balen/voucher buff, and revive since we have the inspiration buff. 2) Please remove, or disable the use of pots, scrolls, & runes in Battle Grounds since we receive Dryads Blessing after 2 deaths, and HP regeneration is negated. 3)Please take out the 5% buff from Divine altar, it's a waste of 200 contribution. 4) Please make the World Boss so that all classes can benefit top 10(yesterday 03/08/13 there were 8 Archers & 2 Mages in top 10 on Ragnoch), wouldn't mind seeing some Knights up there(This actually fustrates a few Knight players I know. 5) In Group Arena please disable pots, scrolls, & runes, & make it so proper Level, BR, & Honor Rank are lined up to fight(not a crusader vs. an elite crusader). Final suggestion, please have a set time for arena awards, not 5:00-5:45, cause there are those players(myself included) who have made a great rank in Solo Arena on award day, and when the time comes up to hand out awards after the prior 2-3 times are at the same time end up losing that rank due to delay of awards being handed out, a possible solution, lock all ranks between 5:15-5:30am, and then hand out awards.

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    If you can't use runes in BG and GA, when do you use it exactly?

    World Boss? GB? Dungeons? Solo-player arena?
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      Well I don't agree 100% w/ you CondorHero, however I do see somewhat of where you are coming from, but all I was doing was just attempting to suggest a more challenging aspect to events is all, and forgot to mention Please do away w/ stuns, for there are far many complaints on my server S33 regarding the fairness of events. Stuns seem to be overated.


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        How are some of your suggestions "adding" challenge to your events? If any, they are "reducing challenge" for you.

        1) No runes in BG and GA -- easier for you.
        2) No honor loss -- easier for you

        Some of the suggestions I agree with:
        1) World Boss -- archers dominate
        2) Divine Altar - archers dominate
        3) Divine altar -- 5% buff is useless (too expensive). So keep it.. who cares who would use it. I won't.
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          Other than the No space or gap between the suggestion points which makes it really hard to read for people who have poor eye sight and low concentration

          i agree with few things while i don't agree with another few things

          Suggestion point number 1: I don't like it. why? cause the higher ur buff the more ur gold rate is and for people who need to enchant legendary set which will cost plently of gold just to make it + 25 which is obviously hard u need to get the extra boost in WB

          Suggestion point number 2: I agree with the disable of pots and scrolls in BG Group arena the reason is because it makes it hard to fight for the lowbies

          now some people said that its because of the pots and scrolls that the lowbies can match the power players and i say


          i actually posted a suggestion about it long time ago which was obviously forgotten or lost

          but the runes thing i don't want to be removed

          my reason for the runes to stay is because the runes are made to be used in PVP combat more than PVE combat and if its restricted from a PVP battleground then it completely removes the point

          Also the HP regeneration should not be negated since its the only way for the high honor ranked players to survive against a lowbie with dyrad

          Suggestion point number 3: mmmmm ok i like the buff but its too expensive so instead of removing it why not just reduce its price instead of 200 contribution points why not 50 contribution points ? cause i find this buff really useful especially if ur doing Heroes mode or nightmare mode in Divine altar

          Suggestion point number 4: ok u forgot some words so had a hard time understanding it so see if i am right on it

          u want a WB which is split by class so all class can benefit from it and all class can get on the score board right ?

          +1 to this although its not needed right now i would like to see it in the future

          Suggestion point number 5: pots and scrolls being disabled gets +1 the rest gets a -1

          Suggestion point number 6: Makes no difference the reason why is because if there are a people that reduce ur rank in the last minute then they can still do the same thing before the rank locks

          for example the rank locks itself at 5:15 then they can hit everyone 10 mins before

          This final suggestion point is really pointless
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