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too earlier for merge S248

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  • too earlier for merge S248

    i am one of the wartune players from 248 Ebon Glade, i am very surprise that our server will be merger, can u tell us why we merger, too earlier for us, our server we dont have any player who reach 55 and our server only 33 days, could you please the reason why we merger earlier, thank you very much for your kidn attention and cooperation, we are expecting for all comment

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    lol merge early there is nothing about merging early, you were just next.


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      lol as i told in this thread our server 33 days since released, can u read from the point of R2Games " To help with potential name conflicts, we will be removing unused characters that fit the following strict guideline

      A character must not have logged in within the last 45 days. <<<<< 45 days, are u kidding me?


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        lol yeah that that doesnt make sense if your server only 33 days old.


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          who they gonna merger you with you'd better hope its not one of the older servers.....


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            Oh come on, you are already lucky you are not merge with very very old servers like the previous merges before. Previous merges merge servers with several months gap. Stop acting like babies by crying so easily over little things. I am from s43 and we are merge with s157, you know the feeling of the s157 players? lol!
            Wartune = Sylph Tune.


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              Next, they're gonna merge a 2 week old server just to **** people off.