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Question about formation

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  • Question about formation

    Maybe there already is a guide for formation, but I was wondering about pvp, does it actually matter if the warrior is in from and the mage is in the back? does the front row have a higher percentage of being focused on? does anyone know the exact statistics?

    (also bonus question: what determines who goes first?)

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    Most knights attack are front row only -- Enhanced delphic destroyer, regular attack, etc
    Only exception: Ultimate slasher (attacks the dude with the lowest HP) and Whirlwind (AOE)

    Some archer attacks can be focused on. Armor Piercer and Deepfreeze hits backrank, Bloodthirsty hits frontrank. However, multishot and arrow strike are random.

    Most mages attack are random.

    So yes, formation matters.
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      Formation can be seen as the front get attacked most of the time, so tanks in the front, DPS in the middle and healers in the back. There are some exceptions to this however. In the Void multiplayer dungeon the last boss the eye of Yaros attacks the back row first so change the formation for that. Also in the catacombs any boss that looks like the eye of yaros also attacks back row first, so be sure to change your troop formation.

      As for who attacks first that is a matter of who click or pushes the keys first. so keep your finger on the trigger. QTE also matters, if you are fast on the trigger but slow on QTE then you will attack later. essentially you are in line after the QTE is attained. because of this some people click and then mash the 4 buttons at the beginnning of a battle. If you do that do not do something that requires more than one extra button pushed for QTE. If you push them in the wrong order then you have to start over.
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        He's asking about PvP.

        Also, as I've said, your opponent can choose who to attack selecting skills to use (read above: AP, DF, etc)
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          Mages don't even need to target... most of their attacks are AoE that hits everything.

          what determines who goes first
          as said by above, it's who ever click on skill key first

          However, skills also have different casting time, some cast slower than others.

          Such as an archer using Arrow Shot and knight using Shadow Trasher.

          the archer can potentially cast 2 Arrow Shot out before the knight fire off Shadow Trasher.
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            okay thanks guys for the help I'll be sure to keep all of it in mind


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              Place mage (healer) on middle when PvP.
              If not, your mage usually will become main target for archer. Deep and pierce targeting the one on back (always), so beware.
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                When you are going solo: go back row
                When going in group: mage(s) in 2nd row behind tank. Archers in back and knight in front