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Need advise on armor set pls.

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  • Need advise on armor set pls.

    Hi guys
    Im lvl 44 mage and soon getting my 45 pvp set, now im wondering what shell I do next, shell I get the lvl 50 pve legendary set or maybe the lvl 55 pvp set, later on on higher lvl do you go for lvl 60 sets or you skip it and choose the lvl 70 leg set?
    what jewels/rings shell i pick? Is it worth it to make lvl 40 rings/jewels legendary or better save stones ect for lvl 50 rings/jewels?

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    I did the L50 rings and trinckets, then i will jump for the l70 rings and trinckets also,
    If you will use your lvl 45 set, i recommend you to save your socketing rods, because its a pain in the *** to get them later.
    - The Lag Master -